Incentive Ideas

Eventually this will take the form as a proposal, but I wanted to see if the community had feedback or input before we get to that point.

Now that the DGV token is out and is being distributed, we would like to use it to incentivize community participation and reward users whose actions benefit the dGenesis ecosystem. There are infinite ways to do this, but here are some ideas I have floating around in my head:

  • DGV incentives for governance participation. This could take the form of rewarding those who participate in governance to include voting on and submitting proposals that are implemented.
  • DGV incentives for holding dgenesis pieces. Award DGV to owners based on how long they have held a piece in a given time period(monthly, quarterly, etc).

Does anyone have any other bahaviors that we should incentivize? Keeping in mind that it has to be viable to engineer without being excessively complex or time consuming.

Hi there,

I think both ideas - incentivize governance participation and holding pieces over time - are great.
But in themselves, their effect might be limited if the reward for these actions are DGV token, which only guarantee cash rewards when eths are actually invested in the project (through minting or buying on the secondary market). So an idea to reinforce the effect of these would be to directly incentivize investing eths. So basically : DGV incentives for

(i) becoming a new holder (a “welcome pack”) ;
(ii) buying pieces on secondary market ;
(iii) minting.

I know (iii) is already in place, and I’m not 100% sure about the practical feasibility of (i) and (ii).

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Just another thought in the same spirit, namely in order to incentivize people to actually collect DGV :

  • Offering “special rewards” (POAPs, NFTs, Discord roles or whatever) to everybody who owns more than a certain threshold of DGV (or to the X first people owning more than a certain threshold of DGV).
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I like both incentives in @callikai OP and I believe @goodnftq is onto something.
I believe tying the value of the DGV to the NFTs could improve the mechanics for both holders and outsiders so getting DGVs for buying on secondary could be a big improvement.