Accelerate drifts mint

Eventually this will take the form as a proposal, but I wanted to see if the community had feedback or input before we get to that point (and yes, this is a copy-paste of Callikai own words on another topic and I’m only half ashamed about it).

In a nutshell, perhaps we could try to come up with practical ideas to incentivize people to mint drips and see with the team whether some of them could be implemented.

I don’t have many ideas myself, but here is perhaps some on the top of my head (which could be combined to boost their potential effects) :

  • Announce a deadline after which the remaining pieces not minted will be burned ;
  • Build some utility into owning/minting drifts beside the DGV reward (perhaps related to future drops, or access to an exclusive collection, or whatever) ;
  • Raise the amount of DGV attributed upon minting.

It doesn’t feel great to have a mint lingering that is unsold, but my opinion is that it does not need to be accelerated. Here are probably my top three reasons:

  1. Mint represents a large possible income stream for DGV holders. If we ever bring in outside artists to the dgenesis platform, the realistic amount that will go to the platform(stakers) is <10%. Would be open to cutting mint cost and redirecting the remainder to stakers, but that leads me to point #2.
  2. Our future Arbitrum plans include drips. Not ready to release all the details now, but in the next month or so we hope to have our implementation ready.
  3. If dgenesis is successful, these will eventually sell. I personally think they are worth it based on the art aspect alone… but even if you disagree with that, the DGV will eventually be worth mint price unless we dilute the supply by an order of magnitude or something.

So TLDR my vote is to wait and let our Arbitrum plans play out and then revisit it.


Nice to have your take on this, many thanks.
If drips are supposed to be included in future plans, then things are of course to be considered differently.

I take it that you guys don’t want to reveal too much about your vision for the future, but perhaps some minor clues would help the community to regain some of the initial enthusiasm/passion in the project ?

Sure, we are working on implementing an Ethereum<>Arbitrum NFT Bridge using the native arbitrum messaging protocols. I am not aware of any projects actively working on this. We hope to be the first and believe it will make NFTs more accessible with less overhead while still being able to leverage all the positive aspects that ethereum brings to the table.